Toddlers to big kids

Time with our children flies by.  Blink and they are walking. Blink again and they're starting school. Most of us are pretty good at capturing the special occasions, but it's the everyday moments that are truly special, when we really see their characters bloom.  Whether it be their wonder at the rain, chasing butterflies, splashing in puddles, or exploring the woods, it's when children do what children do best, that we capture the best images and the most poignant memories.

I'm not based in a studio and will join you either in the comfort of your own home or in the great outdoors at your favourite locations.   I find children are far more relaxed and more likely to have fun when they are in their natural environment.  I catch them being themselves (if they want to wear their favourite Superman or fairy outfit, that's totally fine with me!) and create candid, natural shots that I hope you will treasure.